Amazing Uses of Purple Paint

Did you know the colour purple used to be associated with royalty? It’s because at one time only aristocrats could afford the expensive pigment. During Roman times, it took 4 million crushed mollusk shells to create one pound of purple pigment.

These days, we still reckon purple paint projects should be treated like royalty. Check out these gorgeous images of paint projects that made great use of purple paint.

Purple is often associated with wisdom and creativity. Adding this colour to your bedroom can also promote magic and intrigue. This bedroom beautifully showcases shades of purple with art deco style. If you want to promote high levels of energy and independence, this is a great colour to add to your bedroom. The colour purple also offers a lot of mystery to the subconscious, making it a great colour to use for relaxing areas such as a reading corner. A purple feature wall in your dining room can really make the ambiance of the space captivate your soul. The colour purple is also often associated with stability and independence, making it a great colour to use in your living room area.

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