Brush-Out Boards. Gentle to walls, deadly to sample pots

Say 'goodbye' to sample pots and 'hello' to Brush-Out Boards!

Brush-Out Boards are real paint, hand painted on a large sturdy board with a texture similar to a painted wall. You can move them around your home and take them with you to choose fixtures and furnishings; saving you time, mess and making colour selection easier than it's ever been. 

Romy Alwill, former Interior Design Editor for Belle Magazine, has collaborated with us to put together a quick video demonstrating how Brush-Out Boards make choosing colour really easy.

Here are the three top reasons why Brush-Out Boards are the easiest and most effective way to test paint colours:

You don’t have to paint your wall to test the colour

Sample pots are messy and you need to buy brushes/rollers to apply each colour. Often you can tell the second you paint a sample pot on the wall that the colour isn’t right, you’re then stuck with it until you repaint.

Brush-Out Boards are mobile

They come with Blu-Tack so you can safely stick and re-stick them to your wall to test them in different lighting conditions. You can take them with you to choose soft furnishings, tiles, kitchen benches / cabinets and furniture.

Brush-Out Boards are easily purchased online in thousands of colours

Brush-Out Boards are available for purchase right here at starting from just $4 per board and delivered straight to your door. Choose from the top 20 most popular colours or any colour from the Dulux or Berger colour walls.


Grab a Brush-Out Board for your next project

Simply visit our Colour Wall, select your colour and click the Add to Cart button.

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