How To Dispose Of Paint

Now that your paint project is over you may find yourself asking what to do with the left over paint? Well there are simple, environmentally friendly ways to dispose of your left over paint which are easy & safe for everyone.

environmentally friendly dispose of paintThe main thing you want to avoid is tipping any unwanted paint down the drain or into your garbage bin as the potentially hazardous chemicals can cause damage to the surrounding waterways & wildlife. Using the environmental principles of reduce, reuse, recycle there are lots of ways you can alleviate environmental impacts.

Try the following eco-friendly ways to solve the problem of what to do with your leftover paint.

Reduce the paint you buy 

Reduce the amount of paint you have left over by calculating exactly how much you need for your project. At Inspirations Paint we have created a handy paint calculator to do this for you, but if you are in store then our team of experts will be able to help you determine based on measurements how much paint to buy.

Reuse leftover paint 

Store your leftover paint to use for future touch ups. Leftover paint will last longer if the tin is tightly sealed. To reseal a can of paint so that it is airtight, wipe the rim of the can clean, replace the lid, place a block of wood over the top and tap it down with a hammer. Then quickly turn the can upside down to form an airtight seal which will help prevent skinning.

Donate leftover paint 

Give it to a neighbour or colleague, or donate it to a charity or community group.

A cost effective & handy way to dispose of leftover paint is to line a container with newspaper and fill it with biodegradable cat litter. Pour small quantities of any unwanted paint directly over the litter. Wait for the litter to absorb the paint, then wrap up the cat litter and toss it into your household bin.

There is also a product you can purchase in-store to help you get rid of your unused paint called Dulux Waste Paint Hardener, 

a powder based substance when added to paint solidifies to forms a hard substance which can be easily removed and placed in the bin. To find out more about this product contact your nearest Inspirations Paint store

.Dulux waste paint hardener

Another alternative is to simply find out when your next local Household Chemical CleanOut day is by visiting the following link to check dates & locations.

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