How To Oil A Deck

Australian weather is harsh on timber. If it’s not protected, UV from the sun makes timber go grey and causes it to split and crack. Maintaining timber with decking oil protects the timber and makes it look fantastic, protects the investment of your deck and adds value to your house. The first step in coating your deck is to prepare your timber.

If it’s a new deck, allow the timber to settle for 4-6 weeks before coating to let it release its natural oils and tannins. For weathered decks, sweep away any excess debris and throw over a coat of Cabot’s deck clean.

Once your deck is properly prepared, the only things you’ll need are a can of deck oil (Cabots Aquadeck goes on easy and lasts a long time) a paint tray, a brush and a lambs-wool decking applicator which takes a lot of hard work out of the job. Give your can a good stir so that the colour at the top of the can is the same at the bottom of the can.

Start by carefully cutting in around the edges with a brush. Masking tape will help.

Next, apply oil to 3-4 boards at a time using a lambs-wool applicator. Always work along the holing to a board for a natural break. Stopping in a middle of a board may lead to patchy results.

Try to work quickly.

This coat is going to penetrate into the timber so there is no need to overwork it or spread it too thin. Cabots Aquadeck also has hardly any smell, so you won’t have to work with any strong fumes.

After the first coat, let it dry. Then apply a second coat.

This has a 2 hour dry time, so you can get this project done all in one morning. Apply the second coat the same way as the first. You can even apply a third coat for a longer lasting finish.

And that’s it. Simple really. To keep your deck protected and looking good into the future, remember to keep an eye on it as it will dry out over time. When the timber begins to show signs of loosing colour, all you need to do is clean it with Cabots deck clean, and then apply another coat of Aquadeck to keep it in tip top condition. 

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