I would like to give my wall a fresh coat of paint at home, but I don't know where to start! What's the best way for me to choose and test colours before I buy?

So the time has come to give your walls a little TLC with some fresh paint colours. Deciding to start the project is the easy part – choosing the colours to use is the difficult one! Check out our Top 3 Tips on testing and selecting colours before starting your project.

Top 3 tips for testing paint colours

1.      Chat to a Colour Consultant

Selecting colours and a colour scheme for your room can be incredibly overwhelming.  Who knew there were so many shades of white? Is a dark, dramatic colour a good choice for your room, or is it best used as a feature wall? Will your colour choice complement or clash with your furniture and flooring?

Our Colour Consultants are Dulux-approved professional interior decorators who live and breathe colour.  They will come to your home and suggest colour schemes that are suitable to your furnishings, flooring and style of house. Alternatively, click here to see if your local Inspirations Paint store has a Colour Consultant to arrange a time to have a chat with them about your ideas in store!

2.      Brush Out Boards

They really are the best thing since sliced bread – at least in the DIY-Project world. If you can’t choose between a few colours, simply jump onto our online colour wall and order a brush out board in your chosen colour/s! We’ll do the work for you and painting a lightweight 400 x 400mm board with two coats of your chosen colours and send you the boards and with some Blue-Tac to stick to the wall. This way, you can compare your colour selection with the furnishings of the room, move the boards to see how the different lighting during the day, as well artificial lighting of a night time, will affect the colours.

Brush Out Boards remove the fuss (and mess!) of painting samples all over a wall, only to have to sand back and paint over when you have chosen your final colour. It’s also handy to take with you shopping for furniture, flooring, wall times, cabinets, benches if you’re headed down that direction. Click here for more information!

3.      Sample Pots

Sample Pots are also an effective way of testing colour in your home.  While it requires a little more effort testing colours then Brush Out Boards do, they also do a great job of helping you select your perfect colour. You also are left with a handy little pot of paint perfect for touch ups, when needed!


Choosing the right colour for your project is supposed to be fun and exciting, so let us deal with the stressful and messy parts for you! Head in and chat to your local Inspirations Paint store for more information!