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Dulux Wash and Wear Matt

A premium matt paint that actively repels stains and has superior washability and is highly scuff resistant. Wash & Wear has an unbeatable colour range and is a low VOC Eco Choice paint, this means it's low odour and is more friendly to our environment.

Available in Matt, Low Sheen, Semi Gloss and Gloss. Available in 1L, 4L, 10L, 15L

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Tips for using this product
How to Paint Over Interior Effects Paint

This is a 'How to' guide to show you how to paint over a previously textured wall to give the wall a fresh new look. Changing a feature wall is simple -- and you need Dulux Ultrasmooth Prep Coat to get you there. This is a premium under coat specifically designed for use under textured paints. The video takes you through the steps from masking the areas and washing walls with a sugar soap solution to sanding the wall, and painting tips. Once the paint has dried a light sanding is needed before applying two coasts of your chosen paint. Don't forget that once you've finished painting you can turn left over paint into hard waste and can throw the hardened paint out with your weekly collection. This is easy to do with Dulux Enviro Solution paint hardener.

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