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Barcode: 4677246800952

  • High quality absorbent synthetic filament same filament as the Spitfire brushes
  • Our own blend of filament with the right degree of stiffness and flexibility for greater control
  • Packaged in a convenient value 10 pack consisting of 2x6mm, 3x12mm, 3x18mm, 2x25mm
  • Stainless steel ferrule and hard wood handle
Tips for using this product
Brush-Out Boards. Gentle to walls, deadly to sample pots

Say 'goodbye' to sample pots and 'hello' to Brush-Out Boards!

Brush-Out Boards are real paint, hand painted on a large sturdy board with a texture similar to a painted wall. You can move them around your home and take them with you to choose fixtures and furnishings; saving you time, mess and making colour selection easier than it's ever been. 

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